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GTIME II exercise report is now available here.

GTIME II was held on October 13, 2011. 
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GTIME is a cross disciplinary project that attempts to seek out and analyze best practices for public/private cooperation in addressing wide scale events and incidents where the Greater Toronto Area is affected at large, assessing key risks, sharing information, and planning together to address those risks. GTIME works to bring together government, business and emergency services for a meaningful dialogue on our collective abilities. This team will seek to express ideas, opinions as a group, and attempt to drive change and evolution across business and government. 

The information exchange will focus directly on how the public sector, critical infrastructure providers and the private sector understand each other’s degree of preparedness, open a channel dialogue, and identify plan integration points to facilitate the transition from Emergency Response to Business Continuity with a goal of a joint incident management model across all business continuity phases and commonality in approach to addressing such incidents.

Our mission:
To help ensure that any impacted government and business organizations recovers from a wide scale business disruption or disastrous event in the most efficient, effective, expeditious, and caring way possible. Participants will partner to coordinate emergency management, business continuity response, and resumption with an emphasis on business continuity.
GTIME is sponsored by DRIE Toronto.  DRIE (Disaster Recovery Information Exchange) promotes Emergency Planning, Risk Assessment and Management, Business Resilience, Continuity Planning, Computer and Technology Recovery Planning, Crisis Management and other related disciplines as integral components of an effective continuity strategy.  DRIE promotes education, dialogue, and networking.
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